How can I manage my career?
Key Learnings
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Setting a clear and precise objective helps you to concentrate your efforts and gets you heading in the right direction.
Divide your goals by time slots: (a) lifetime goals; (b) career goals; (c) season goals.
By making better use of your time, you can achieve your goals much more easily.
Prioritise tasks based on importance and urgency and remove non-essential activities.
Making good choices is crucial for success as much of your earning potential is related to your reputation on and off-the-court.
Only use the advice of others to inform your decision-making process – don’t rely on it as the sole basis for your final decision. You are ultimately responsible for the decisions you make.
Networking is the art of building alliances and can help you get a job, find a sponsor, make new friends, get new ideas, etc.
Preparing for your professional life after basketball is just as important as your current career on-the-court.
During your basketball career, you can invest in your development through part-time education.

Preparing for networking

Regardless of whether you are planning to meet new people to expand your networks or talk to the people you know to see how they can help you achieve your goals, preparation is key to maximise your networking efforts.

Some tips for preparation include:

  • Introduce yourself confidently and explain clearly what you are doing or seeking (generally or at this specific event). A good way to prepare is by creating and practicing a 30 second elevator pitch (see below).
  • Carry business cards. You don’t need to be employed or have a private company. A simple card with your details (i.e. phone number, email address, website) is all you need.
  • Ask the people you meet for their business card or contact details, or give them yours.
  • Be professional always (see further: Professionalism).