How do I deal with the media?
Key Learnings
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Media play a big role in your relationship with your fans and sponsors; try to see them as allies that present the opportunity to grow your exposure and popularity.
Being well prepared is key when interacting with the media.
Social media is an extraordinary tool to communicate directly with your fans and sponsors and – when managed properly – can help you control your image.
When using social media remember that its instantaneity can be dangerous; the Internet never forgets and so it is important to be sure about what you want to say before communicating anything.
Never post disrespectful or offensive photos or comments.

Key hints on how to interact with the media


There are some key points to remember when interacting with the media in any environment. Remembering these and integrating them into your professional development will build your skill set and lead to smoother interactions and a more positive image off-court.

  • Stay calm
  • Be polite and approachable
  • Be positive whenever possible
  • Avoid getting defensive
  • Think before you speak
  • Everything you do and say communicates
  • Actions often speaks louder than words
  • Be aware of your body language
  • Listen and make sure that you understand the question before giving an answer
  • Keep it short and go straight to the point
  • Keep it simple and avoid jargon
  • Consider your environment (language, culture, etc.)
  • Practice, practice, practice!