How do I deal with the media?
Key Learnings
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Media play a big role in your relationship with your fans and sponsors; try to see them as allies that present the opportunity to grow your exposure and popularity.
Being well prepared is key when interacting with the media.
Social media is an extraordinary tool to communicate directly with your fans and sponsors and – when managed properly – can help you control your image.
When using social media remember that its instantaneity can be dangerous; the Internet never forgets and so it is important to be sure about what you want to say before communicating anything.
Never post disrespectful or offensive photos or comments.

Where to expect media presence?

Whether you play in a major international basketball league or a smaller developing club, there are always going to be journalists and media outlets covering your games. In addition, you may have several opportunities during your career to make public appearances as a member of your team or as an individual athlete. Events where you can expect media presence include:

  • Basketball related appearances
    Regular season games, playoffs, league championships, international events, pre-season games, athlete’s drafts and training camps can all be events when you could expect the presence of media.
  • Public appearances
    Schools, civic groups and health and sports organisations may ask you to appear or speak at events related to your profile and success as an athlete. In these instances, you may not face the intense questioning of reporters following the excitement of a game.