How do I deal with the media?
Key Learnings
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Media play a big role in your relationship with your fans and sponsors; try to see them as allies that present the opportunity to grow your exposure and popularity.
Being well prepared is key when interacting with the media.
Social media is an extraordinary tool to communicate directly with your fans and sponsors and – when managed properly – can help you control your image.
When using social media remember that its instantaneity can be dangerous; the Internet never forgets and so it is important to be sure about what you want to say before communicating anything.
Never post disrespectful or offensive photos or comments.

Key hints on how to use social media effectively


  • Set your objectives
    Social media can help you reach different objectives. But before starting to intensively use social media, you should reflect on what you want to achieve. As social media platforms differ, select the one(s) that will help you achieve your goals.
  • Know your target audience
    Depending on your objectives, your target audience can be very different. Adapt your communication accordingly. Think about the profile of your audience before communicating; and remember to avoid publishing anything that can offend any specific groups of people.
  • Be consistent
    In order to reach your objectives, it is important to be consistent in your communication. Try to communicate frequently and to stick to your style of communication. Building your image through social media is not easy so take it seriously and invest enough time to do it right.
  • Engage
    Social media allows you to communicate directly with everyone who follows you, so it is important to engage and encourage your followers to be active. This can help raise your popularity and hence become more valuable for your (potential) sponsors. For example, you could organise small competitions or Q&A sessions where your followers can win give-aways or a signed shirt.
  • Be yourself
    Your followers and especially your fans want to see the real you. They will feel more connected to you and you will be even more appreciated. It is important that people feel that you are being honest and sincere, so just be yourself.